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"No matter how big and powerful government gets, and the many services it provides, it can never take the place of volunteers."

Ronald Reagan


Meet Our Volunteers


Susan Ashcraft
James Bauer
Jeff Bert
Cathy Bozek
Lawrence Brody
James Burell
Roberta Carreon
Susan Capper
Eugene Cherry
Margaret Chui
Gary Davis
Sally Deutz
Marilyn Devine
Donna Dodds
Penny Edson
Rita Freeman
Corky Grimm
Linda Hampson
Nancy Healey
Judy Hergesheimer
Mary Starr Kelly
Irv Kerner
Ursula Kramer
Donna Lehrfeld
Lynn Levine
Claire Lewis-Jenks
Heide Lundblad
Marlene Macias
Lois Manning
Susan Massey
Tom Massey
Mary Matthews
Eileen McDermott
Bill Medley
John Meyers
Rita McClellan-Meyers
Terry Miller
Priscilla Mira
Leo Molitor
Deborah Neil
Janet Nichol
RaeLynne Rein
Gloria Reyes
Patricia Schiano
Sally Shane
Julie Smith
Franklin Stork
Marie Sullenbarger
Margaret Tatum
Todd Terres
Sunil Trivedi
George Wakiji
Charles Welsford
Mary Williford
Wilma Wuest
Mary Ann Zalokar


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"I want to thank you from the very depth of my being for having been given the opportunity to take the Ombudsman training last week.  Do I really need to tell you how much I was affected?  Some things are self evident, and I hope this is one.  Thank you very much."

Brent H.



“It is with great pleasure that I send you this check for $500. It represents a portion of our Churches monthly tithe, which we dedicate to organizations in and around our community that are making a difference.

We support the good work your organization is doing and we know one way to show that support is through sharing the abundance we enjoy as a church community. We know you will find the perfect way in which to put this gift to work, in a manner that services others meaningfully.

We bless you and thank you for your presence in our community and your commitment to making it a better place for all of us to live. “

Dennis J.
Center of Positive Living Simi Valley



“Dear Person-In Charge,

From all the residents of the Elms, a very sincere thanks and appreciation to the very nice gifts we received from your caring and concerned office."

Residents at the Elms


"As one becomes retired from a live-time high energy position you tend to try to relax, do those things that you planned for, plan others, and think about planning even more. This is good, but I have found that the Ombudsman program has given me a better feeling of satisfaction than I had found in other positions since retirement"

Retired Officer, Ventura County Sheriff

Get Involved

Be an Ombudsman Volunteer

A video of a compelling story on how the Longterm Care Ombudsman helped Ladd Rucker.

...and become a friend to our frail elderly in long-term care.

Ombudsman Volunteers and Staff
The Ventura County Ombudsman Team


The Ventura County Ombudsman Program is seeking a few good people to join our team. We believe that all elderly long term care residents deserve ready access to someone who cares and is trained and certified to act on their behalf.

Sixty percent of our frail elderly in nursing homes have no one -- no family or friends who ever visit or check up on them. The Ombudsman volunteer might be the only extended family or friend they have for the rest of their lives.

Becoming a State Certified Ombudsman Volunteer is easy because you will receive initial training from veteran staff and experienced volunteer Ombudsmen, followed by on the job training. And to keep your skills honed, you will be provided continuing education on a regular basis to assist you in your role as an advocate. Ombudsman staff provide ongoing support to you, as you become the trusted ally and friend of the residents.

If you want to make a difference that really counts, please call or email the Ventura County Ombudsman Program, the only program that exists solely to serve our frail elderly in long term care facilities.

As our population ages, society is turning more of its attention to meeting the growing needs of our senior population. Call Vicky Odle 656-1986 for details.

Volunteer Ombudsman Application - PDF

Volunteer Ombudsman Application - Word

Operation Senior Santa

How It All Started

Operation Santa

In 2000 Operation Senior Santa began as a project of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program. As ombudsmen going in and out of the facilities all year long, we witness firsthand the emotional devastation and utter sadness many of our residents experience around the holidays. They have no family or friends who will visit, and no gifts to open. For so many, the holidays are just a very sad reminder of another loss of what used to be.

Happy Holiday!

Over the years since Operation Senior Santa began, we have seen this program grow from bringing holiday cheer to just a dozen residents to over 2,000. Our board, staff and volunteers, dressed as Santas and elves, visit with the residents, giving them lots of love and personally hand delivering their gifts.

Santa Visits

Cash donations used to purchase gift items, hand made or new blankets and shawls, and stuffed animals are needed, and will be such a blessing to our elderly neighbors living in long term care. These can be dropped off at our office between 8:30 - 4:00 pm, M-F from December 7 to December 18.

Help Us Meet Our Goal

of 2,000 Gifts


Career opportunities

Join Our Team

Mail, email or fax your résumé and please indicate the position you are applying for.

Long Term Care Services of Ventura County, Inc.
Ombudsman Program
2021 Sperry Avenue, Suite 35
Ventura, CA 93003

Fax: (805) 658 -8540


Donate now

Donations Are Needed, Welcomed and


California now leads all 50 states as having the largest elder population - 3.3 million. Ventura County alone has more than 100,000 seniors over 60. The latest statistics show that 40% of those who reach age 65 will spend some time in a long-term care facility. The Ombudsman Program is the only agency that exists solely to help our elderly in long term care and is vital for their welfare and quality of life.

How can you help?
By supporting the work of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program of Ventura County.

Your generous donation of $50, $100 or more to Long Term Care Services of Ventura County will help ensure that every resident in a long term care facility in Ventura County has an advocate and that they can live in a safe healthful non-threatening environment.

If you would like your gift to be in memoriam of someone special, please let us know. Upon receipt of your gift we will send a memorial card to the family that does not specify the amount of the gift and a separate card to you confirming your gift amount.


You may use the following ways to donate to the Ventura County Long Term Care Ombudsman Program:


Your contribution by check can be mailed to:
Ventura County Long Term Care, Inc.
2021 Sperry Avenue - Suite 35,
Ventura CA 93003


Your contribution by credit card can be made directly by calling:
Vicky Odle
Administrative Assistant


Click the DONATE button to access a secure ONLINE DONATION FORM where you can use your Visa or Mastercard to make a tax-deductible donation to help protect and care for our Ventura County elderly in long term care facilities.

To help ensure this ongoing work, an endowment has been started. If you would like information or would like to participate, please call 1-805-656-1986 or email Sylvia Taylor Stein , Executive Director.

Your gift today will make a difference in the Ventura County we live in tomorrow, not only for our current elderly in long term care, but those who enter over the next 10 years when their numbers are expected to double. Support the Ombudsman program now for your loved ones and yourself.

The Ombudsman Program of Ventura County is administered by Long Term Care Services of Ventura County, Inc. a (501) (c) 3 nonprofit charitable corporation.


Long Term Care Services of Ventura County, Inc.
Ombudsman Program

2021 Sperry Avenue - Suite 35,
Ventura CA 93003 

Tel: 805-656-1986  | Fax: 805-658-8540

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Long Term Care Services of Ventura County, Inc is a 501(c)3 public benefit charitable corporation.
Corporate and individual donations are needed, welcomed and appreciated.
Funded in part by - Area Agency on Aging

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